Refereed Full Papers
Marisol Wong-Villacres, Carl DiSalvo, Neha Kumar, Betsy DiSalvo | CHI' 20 
Engaging Feminist Solidarity for Comparative Research, Design, and Practice
Neha Kumar, Naveena Karusala, Azra Ismail, Marisol Wong-Villacres, Aditya Vishwanath | CSCW' 19 
The Parenting Actor-Network of Latino Immigrants in the United States
Marisol Wong-Villacres, Neha Kumar, and Betsy DiSalvo | CHI' 19

Engaging Lived and Virtual Realities
Aditya Vishwanath, Naveena Karusala, Marisol Wong-Villacres, and Neha Kumar | CHI' 19

Aspirations-based Design
Neha Kumar, Marisol Wong-Villacres, Naveena Karusala, Aditya Vishwanath, Arkadeep Kumar, and Azra Ismai | ICTD' 19

Designing for Intersections
Marisol Wong-Villacres, Arkadeep Kumar, Aditya Vishwanath, Naveena Karusala, Betsy DiSalvo, and Neha Kumar | DIS' 18

Facebook in Venezuela: Understanding Solidarity Economies in Low-Trust Environments
Hayley Evans, Marisol Wong-Villacres, Daniel Castro, Eric Gilbert, Rosa Arriaga, Michaelanne Dye, and Amy Bruckman| CHI' 18

Social Media and Earthquake Relief: Unpacking its Limitations with Care
Marisol Wong-Villacres, Cristina Velasquez, Neha Kumar | CSCW' 18

Design Guidelines for Parent-School Technologies to Support the Ecology of Parental Engagement
Marisol Wong-Villacres, Upol Ehsan, Amber Solomon, Mercedes Pozo Buil, Betsy DiSalvo | IDC' 17

Enhancing Quality of Argumentation in a Co-located Collaborative Environment through a Tabletop System
Gabriel Falcones, Vanessa Echeverria, Marisol Wong-Villacres, Katherine Chiluiza | IEEE ETCM' 16

Portable Tabletops: A Low-Cost Pen-and-Touch Approach
Marisol Wong-Villacres, Vanessa Echeverria, Roger Granda, Katherine Chiluiza | HCII' 16

Supporting the Assessment of Collaborative Design Activities in Multi-tabletop Classrooms
Roger Granda, Vanessa Echeverria, Katherine Chiluiza, Marisol Wong-Villacres | APCASE' 15

Seeking ABET Accreditation: Successful Strategies in a South American Public Higher Education Institution
Katherine Chiluiza, Marisol Wong-Villacres, Jorge Duque | LACCEI' 14

Refereed Posters and Short Papers

Reflections from the Classroom and Beyond: Imagining a Decolonized HCI Education.
Marisol Wong-Villacres, Adriana Alvarado-Garcia, Javier Tibau | CHI' 20

Bringing Shades of Feminism To Human-Centered Computing
Manasee Narvilkar, Josiah Mangiameli, Adriana Alvarado Garcia, Azra Ismail, ... & Marisol Wong-Villacres, ... & Ramesh, A. | CHI' 19

Consejero Automatico: Chatbots for Supporting Latino Parents' Educational Engagement
Marisol Wong-Villacres, Hayley Evans, Danielle Schechter, Betsy DiSalvo, and Neha Kumar | ICTD' 19

A tabletop system to promote argumentation in computer science students
Marisol Wong-Villacres, Margarita Ortiz, Vanessa Echeverria, Katherine Chiluiza | ITS' 15

Technology-Mediated Parent-Child Intimacy: Designing for Ecuadorian Families Separated by Migration
Marisol Wong-Villacres and Shaowen Bardzell | CHI' 11

Organized Workshop/Symposium

From Needs to Strengths: Operationalizing an Assets-Based Design of Technology
Marisol Wong-Villacres, Aakash Gautam, Wendy Roldan, ... & Jason Yip | CSCW' 20 Workshops

Decolonizing Learning Spaces for Sociotechnical Research and Designa
Marisol Wong-Villacres, Adriana Alvarado Garcia, Juan F. Maestre, ... & Carl DiSalvo | CSCW' 20 Workshops

Fostering HCI Research in, by, and for Latin America
Adriana Alvarado Garcia, Karla Badillo-Uquiola, ... & Marisol Wong-Villacres | CHI' 20, Special Interest Group

Connected Learning Across Socio-Cultural Borders: Designing to Support Immigrant Parents
Marisol Wong-Villacres, Alexander Cho, Wendy Roldan, Ricarose Roque, and Emily Roden | Connected Learning Summit' 19, Symposia

HCI Across Borders and Intersections
Neha Kumar, Christian Sturm, Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed, Naveena Karusala, Marisol Wong-Villacres, Leonel Morales, ... & Susan Dray | CHI' 19, Symposia

Solidarity Across Borders: Navigating Intersections Towards Equity and Inclusion
Michaelanne Dye, Neha Kumar, Ari Schlesinger, Marisol Wong-Villacres, Morgan Ames, Rajesh Veeraraghavan, Joyojeet Pal, and Mary L. Grey | CSCW' 18, Workshop

Refereed Workshop Papers

Discussing Mestizaje in Latin America:Expanding HCI’s Perspectives on Race
Marisol Wong-Villacres, Amber Soloway, Javier Tibau | CHI'20, Engaging in Race in HCI

Classism, Aspirations, and Closeness: Designing for Latino Immigrant Parents in the US
Marisol Wong-Villacres | CSCW'18, Latin America as a Place for CSCW Research

Leveraging Celebrity Fandom for Devising ICT Support to Information-Seeking Needs
Marisol Wong-Villacres, Betsy DiSalvo, Neha Kumar | CHI'18, Development Consortium: HCI Across Bordersh

ICT for an Inclusive Ecology of Parental Engagement: An Asset-based Approach.
Marisol Wong-Villacres, Neha Kumar, Betsy DiSalvo | IDC'17, Equity & Inclusivity

Designing Technologies for Non-Dominant Communities to Cross Social-Cultural Borders.
Marisol Wong-Villacres, Betsy DiSalvo, Neha Kumar | CHI'17, HCIXB

Exploring the impact of a tabletop-generated group work feedback on students' collaborative skills.
Marisol Wong-Villacres, Roger Granda, Margarita Ortiz, and Katherine Chiluiza | LAK'16, Cross-LAK: Workshop on Learning Analytics Across Physical and Digital Spaces

Doctoral Consortia

Participatory Design for “Big Issues”: Reimagining Parent-Education Technologies in the United States Educational System
Marisol Wong-Villacres | PDC'20, Doctoral Colloquium

Designing for the Parenting Actor-Network of Latino Immigrants
Marisol Wong-Villacres | ICTD'19, Doctoral Consortium