I am Associate Faculty at ESPOL, in the Computer Science program. I explore the cultural and learning aspects that can inform an assets-based technology design approach with vulnerable groups from Latin America. Specifically, I study how social, cultural, and learning approaches can inform a co-design process that, instead of trying to correct groups' "deficits", recognizes and leverages their strengths (or assets).

My academic background entails a mix of Computer Science, Interaction Design, and Qualitative Research. This year, I obtained a PhD in Human-Centered Computing at Georgia Tech where I was advised by Betsy DiSalvo and Neha Kumar. I also have an MSc degree in Human-Computer Interaction from IU Bloomington and a BSc in Computer Science in ESPOL

At ESPOL, I am part of the Social Computing Lab. We are a group of researchers with diverse HCI-related backgrounds, including Educational Technologies, Cuture and Technology, Participatory Design, Learning Analytics, and Visualization. We explore how to apply our different perspectives to explore and address social problems in Ecuador such as co-designing remote learning technologies that are more inclusive of Ecuadorian students' diverse realities.

I am also member of the recently-created Latin American (LATAM) SIGCHI committee, where we are working to highlight the HCI knowledge and practices in LATAM and motivate mutual learning opportunities between LATAM and other areas of the world.

Recent News


09.12.20 - Super excited to join the #CSCW2021 Program Committee as an Associate Chair for the first time!
09.09.20 - I presented my work with Hispanic parents and the educational system at the 2020 Georgia Tech Diversity Symposium.
08.21.20 - We had a wonderful discussion with the HCI community in LATAM about our alt.chi 2020 paper on decolonizing HCI education
08.14.20 - Our workshop proposals for #CSCW2020 about assets-based design and the decolonization of spaces for learning CSCW have been accepted!
07.17.20 - We presented our alt.chi 2020 paper on decolonizing HCI education to the BR-CHI audience
07.23.20 - GoStem @ Georgia Tech invited me to give a talk to Hispanic parents and education practitioners about parents' technological knowledge.
07.02.20 - I presented my #CHI2020 paper on culture and assets-based design at the Virtual HCI4D Event
06.11.20 - I was a panelist at a ReadyRosie event for teachers and education practitioners "Voices from the Field: Culturally Responsive Family Engagement"
05.08.20 - I presented my #CHI2020 paper on culture and assets-based design at the Sustainability, Social Justice and Critical Computing Virtual Forum.